ஒய் எம் சி ஏ உடற் கல்வியியல் கல்லூரி
(Autonomous & Re-Accredited with 'A' Grade by NAAC)
Nandanam, Chennai-600035, Tamilnadu.

A Project of the National Council of India     |     A Christian Minority Institution Registered under UGC Act    |     Affiliated to Tamilnadu Physical Education and Sports University    |     Recognised by National Council for Teacher Education & Government of Tamilnadu.

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YMCA college special school

The special school was started in the year 2006 under the control of YMCA college of physical education as a project specially designed to catter the needs of differently abl ed.

Before starting the special school, the college was already implemented the community based rehabilitation programme with the following activities.

  • Orientation and mobility
  • Adapted physical education
  • Home management skills
  • Daily living skills
  • Sensory training
  • Mapping
  • Braile

The special school was started as a result of Community Based Rehabilation programme with following activities.

1.Special education:

The special education programme is carried out by using the humen resource of the trained teachers in the feeld of special education, here the students are assessed and trained towards specific goals set according to their needs ensuring the overall develepment of the child that is academic, physical, emotional, social and recreational skills.

To identify and motivate the children the sports events with ever is suitable for them are beeing encouraged through inter school competion , Anual sports meet, special olympics.

2. Yoga theraphy:

The yoga theraphy is given to the children by the trained theraphist,the theraphy is designed based on the physical fitness and need of each child the asanass such as thada assnass, utkatta assnass, thirikona assanass, pujanga assana, janu sirasasna, padmasna and savasana.

3. Music and art theraphy:

The talent in music and artistic talents are beeing identified by the special educaters and volentears.

Their talents are motivated and utelized on various occations such as inter school competion, school programmes such as independence day republic day, childrens day christmas and anualsory day. -

The talents in music and art were recognised in severel times in many interschool competion.

4. Gymnastic:

Our children are trained in gymnastic by a specialist from YMCA college of physical education. Their talents may be displayed on many occations.

5. Hydro theraphy:

Swimming coaching is given to the children with autism, down syndrome and mentaly retarded trainable and learning disability.

6. Occupational theraphy:

The following activities were given in the form of occupational theraphy by a trained professionals to Special children with the autistic and hyper activities.

7. Physio and speech theraphy:

Physio theraphy and speech theraphy are given to the children with special need such as children with autism, downsyndrom and multyple disabilities.

8. Remedial programme:

Physical exersice and playing activities were conducted with the help of the students of physical education college.

9. Inclusive education:

Our objective is to promote inclusive education has gained concidarable momentum, 3 of our special school students are enrolled in our YMCA matriculation school and have done well in examinations conducted for them with certain modification

10.Vocational training:

The vocational training is given in the form of cover making, candile making and gardening.

The differently abled children from the age group of 10 to 15 were trained on those skills.

Presently we have 10 children with disabilities in the age of 15 we have received aps lications from severe! children and addults with disabilities.


Present set up of this school:

At present there are 12 children who were from in and around Chennai come to this school.

And YMCA College Special School being a day- care center the students come to school either through with their parents.

There are students with Mental Retardation, Autism, Down . syndrome, Learning Disability and ADHD.

Category of Disability Number of Students
Mental Retardation 3
Cerebral Palsy 1
Down Syndrome 1
Autism 4
Learning Disability 2

Present Staff Structure:

At present there is very little staff structure. But it would be a better boon to the organization if there are qualified staffs being appointed.

Currently there are no occupational therapists, Physiotherapist, speech therapist, vocational instructor in our school.

The present staff structure is show in the Table below.

Name of the staff Designation
Mr.N. Ravichandran Headmaster cum Special Educator
Mr.P.Jaya Special Educator
Mr. Arul Murugan Special Educator
Mrs. R. Lalitha Care taker

Daily activities:

The school starts by 10.A.M in the morning with the prayer. And in the prayer the students are made to stand in a line for the prayer followed by classes till noon.

After wise the students are involved in recreation activities. The school ends by 3.30 P.M.

Catagorisation of Classes:

The classes in this school are categorized as follows




Secondary & Pre-Vocational.

Fees Structure

Monthly fees are levied from all students. The structure of the fee collected is

Full time 800
Part time 600